Sit Down with a Sidekick: Román

Meet Román, one of our Sidekicks in Mexico City. Think of a Sidekick as local expert who’s there to help you with, well, whatever you need! During your stay with Oasis, you’ll always have a Sidekick who is a text or call away. They’ll make sure your stay goes better than planned and are happy to answer any questions you have about your home or neighborhood. We asked Román to tell us a little more about himself and his hometown.

When did you join the Oasis team?
I joined the team last November and there hasn’t been a boring day since!

How long have you been living in Mexico City?
I was born and raised here in Mexico City and spent a few years living in Cancun.

What are some common misconceptions about Mexico?
Some people still think of Mexico as unsafe. Just like any other city in the world there definitely areas where you should be careful. But overall, it’s quite safe here. Especially when you have someone local like a Sidekick to help you decided where to visit. Plus, Oasis homes are all in really nice, upscale neighborhoods and most of them even have 24/7 security.

The other misconception people have is that Mexican people aren’t nice. The truth is most of us are very friendly and everybody loves us once they get to know us! Also, we do not wear sombreros all the time, like the cartoons.

What kind of things do people ask you for as a Sidekick?
Restaurant requests, of course. You can’t come to Mexico City if you’re not looking to eat good food. But guests ask me for plenty of other things too. Sometimes it’s as easy as someone needing extra shampoo. Other times I’ll be working to get a guest VIP tickets to a lucha libre match or maybe trying to get a last minute reservation at the nicest restaurant in the city, Pujol.

What’s your favorite part about living there?
There’s always something to do, from sports, concerts and theatre to restaurants, amusement parks, tours, local markets and even lucha libre.

What’s lucha libre?
Mexican wrestling! You’ve definitely seen it before on TV or in movies. It’s a bit like WWE in the states, but even more over-the-top. The wrestlers wear colorful masks and do all sorts of acrobatics. If you’re going to go, I highly recommending buying a mask outside the venue and really getting into it. The matches take place on Tuesday, Friday and Sunday. The best day to attend is on Friday. That’s when they’re recording the match for TV, so a lot people go. If you’re traveling with kids, Sunday or Tuesday are better.

That’s awesome. What else should I do while I’m there?
Like I said, there are lot of great restaurants here. If you’re feeling something fancy, go to Contramar at Condesa o Quintonil in Polanco. You should visit some museums, we are the city with the most number of museums in Latin America. The one I like the most is “Casa Azul” where Frida Kahlo used to live, the Anthropology Museum, the House Studio from Luis Barragan and then you should take a tour we love called Eat Like a Local, you will love it.

The courtyard of Casa Azul.

And if I’m in the mood for something more casual?
QueSeriaDeMi is a fun brunch spot in Condesa that’s dedicated to all things cheese. They have everything from enchiladas to mac n’ cheese to ricotta pancakes. Another of one of my favorites is El Parnita in Roma Norte. This a great place to eat and drink beer or mezcal with your friends. If you’re you will meet the hostess who is in fact owner. Ask her to tell you the story about how she and her husband started the restaurant. I won’t spoil it for you.

Or, you could always cook at home! I find a lot of guests enjoying take advantage of having a full kitchen in their homes. There a few good spots to get local produce. My favorite is El Chorrito in San Miguel or Sonora Market located downtown.

Those all sound so good. I can’t wait to visit.
I’ll see you soon then!

Our team of Sidekicks around the world help hundreds of guests live like locals and get the most out of their trips. Start planning your next getaway by browsing our selection of handpicked homes.

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