Sit Down with a Sidekick: Chris

When you stay in an Oasis home, you get 24/7 access to a Sidekick: a real-life human being who’s there to help you with whatever you need. Think of our Sidekicks as concierge, but better. They make sure your stay goes smoothly and can answer any questions you have about your home or neighborhood. Chris is one of our Sidekick’s in Miami. We sat down with him to get his latest secrets about where to eat and explore.

How long have you been living in Miami?
I grew up here. Born and raised.

What’s it like being an Oasis Sidekick?
I love it. I mean, I get to meet people from all over the world. And I get to see them at their best—when they’re excited about arriving to a new place.

What kind of requests do you get as a Sidekick?
All sorts of stuff. A lot of people want restaurant recommendations. I’ve even had guests text me because they can’t decide what to order on a menu. Other times guests may need something in the home. The other day one of our guests was obsessing over our shampoos and was wondering how many bottles I could bring her.

So, what places have you been recommending lately?
That’s a big question. It depends. What are you in the mood for?

Perfect. There’s this Cuban place you should try. Latin Cafe 200. It’s actually just a few blocks from a few of our homes. I order the empanadas with beef, chicken, spinach, ham and cheese. They’re amazing. Also, don’t leave without getting a cafecito.

And after that, what should I do?
If you want a relaxed day, catch a movie at O Cinema. It’s a nonprofit movie theater that shows independent foreign films that are usually 100x better than the kind you’ll catch at usual theaters. They have a location in Miami Beach and another in Wynwood.

Do they serve drinks there?
Nope, but head to The Corner in Downtown Miami afterwards. It’s a dive bar that’s ten minutes away. Fifteen, tops. Their cocktails are great, there’s an awesome beer menu and they have really good food, too.

What if I feel like getting dressed up?
Then skip The Corner and go to Cecconi’s. It’s an Italian restaurant in the courtyard of Soho Beach House. Incredible pastas and cocktails. Plus, afterwards you can walk along Miami Beach.

Thanks for the tips, Chris.
Anytime. It’s my job. Literally.

Our team of Sidekicks around the world help hundreds of guests live like locals and get the most out of their trips. Start planning your next getaway by browsing our selection of handpicked homes.

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