7 Restaurants Worth Traveling For

Food is often the highlight of a good trip. In just a few bites, local recipes can say a lot about the people, history and culture of a city. Good food is so important that many of our guests plan entire trips around it. We want you to experience the best their cities have to offer, so we asked our local experts to recommend a few of their favorite restaurants. 

Mexico City
A lot of restaurants have tried to copy Contramar’s raw-tuna tostadas. True seafood fans know Chef Gabriela Cámara started the trend. She perfected her take on seafood long before her neighborhood became a trendy foodie spot.

Recommended by David from the Marketing Team

New York City
You can’t go wrong ordering any of the French classics here. The steak tartare and braised porcelet shoulder are both incredible. But we recommend ordering the schnitzel. You won’t find it on the menu, but Austrian chef Markus Glocker has a delicious recipe that uses chicken instead of veal.

Recommended by Kina from the Sales Team

Buenos Aires
This intimate, 16-seat restaurant has a kitchen window that allows diners to watch as traditional Argentine ingredients are transformed into unforgettable dishes using gastronomic techniques.

Recommended by Barbara from the Supply Team

Miss KO
Philippe Starck was inspired by Blade Runner when he designed the interior of this uber cool sushi joint, and it shows. Bustling, colorful and bizarre, Miss KO is the best place in Paris to get tasty sushi, beef tataki or bubble tea.

Recommended by Thomas from the Guest Experience Team

Despite working in some of the world’s top restaurants, Chef Bradley Kilgore felt creatively frustrated in the kitchen. “Why can’t you have a technique from Japan with a flavor from Thailand and a chili from Peru all on the same plate?” he told the Miami New Times. So, he opened Alter. The menu is in a state of constant flux but you can always count on it featuring seasonal, local ingredients from Florida.

Recommended by Alfredo from the Marketing Team

La Dama
Located inside of an Art Noveau building designed by architect Manuel Sayrach in 1918, La Dama has the feel of a cool speakeasy. They serve unique options ranging from duck gnocchi to sage ragu (our personal favorite).

Recommended by Camilla from the Guest Experience Team

Chef Atul Kochhar has changed the way people see Indian cuisine. He was the first Indian chef to receive a Michelin star. His restaurants, including Benares, go far beyond the mundane chicken tikka masala. Kochhar manages to combine Indian spices with British ingredients like Scottish scallops and New Forest venison.

Recommended by Alice from the Guest Experience Team

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