Where We’re Going In 2018

We come into work excited to help our guests take unforgettable trips. Not just because it’s our job, but because travel is what brings our team together. We think a good trip is more than just the pretty pictures you bring back. It’s why you go in the first place. We asked our team to share what cities they’ll be exploring this year:

“I’ve never been before. The Harry Potter fan in me can’t wait.”
—Claudia, Designer
Based In: Buenos Aires
When I’m Going: January
Favorite Home: Sterne

“The last time I went to Paris was 10 years ago when I studied abroad. I’m going to shop at Les Marais and eat falafel. Also j’ai oublié mon français…I think that’s how you say ‘I forgot my French.’”
—Belen, Social Media Manager
Based In: Miami
When I’m Going: February
Favorite Home: Pinot Grigio

“I’m going to Europe for the first time to try to find the town where my great grandparents grew up. It’ll be a challenge because my great grandfather was illiterate so my family’s surname has changed over the years.”
—Daniela, Account Manager
Based In: Buenos Aires
When I’m Going: March
Favorite Home: San Giovanni Terrace

Los Angeles
“I grew up on a tiny island off the coast of Cuba called Isla de La Juventud. You could drive across it in six hours. I just got to the U.S. two years ago and want to take a train all the way to L.A.”
—Israel, Reservations Specialist
Based In: Miami
When I’m Going: April
Favorite Home: Wilshire Nama

New York City

“I’m going to New York City see The Kooks in concert. They never come to the states. They’re the freaking Kooks!”
—Neti, Intern
Based In: Miami
When I’m Going: May
Favorite Home: Lay Lady Lay


“Tulips are my favorite flower and I’ve always had on my bucket list to visit the Netherlands in spring to the see the tulip festival!“
—Stefanie, VP of North America
Based In: Miami
When I’m Going: June

“Cosme is the finance administrator at Oasis. He’s also my best friend forever. We’ve been planning a boys trip to Cartagena for a while now. This is the year it finally happens.”
—Jonathan, Reservations Specialist
Based In: Miami
When I’m Going: July
Favorite Home: Venelle

“I lived on a cruise ship for six months and circumnavigated the globe with a group of friends. We’re reuniting in Toronto for a friend’s wedding.”
—Sonia, Director of Guest Experience
Based In: New York City
When I’m Going: August

Mexico City
“My friend and I had a short-lived music project. I’m going to Mexico City then to Playa del Carmen where he works as a DJ and lives off his music.”
—Gonzalo, Engineer
Based In: Buenos Aires
When I’m Going: September
Favorite Home: Bright White

San Francisco

“Here’s my ideal day in San Francisco: iced coffee at Saint Frank Coffee followed by a long visit to SFMoMA, shopping at The General Store, early cocktails at Trick Dog and dinner at Flour + Water.”
—Ali, Destination Manager
Based In: Austin
When I’m Going: October
Favorite Home: Hedera Grove

Mexico City
“I’ve always loved Mexico City, so when I found out my friend was getting married in the mountains near the city I RSVP’d right away.”
—Parker, CEO
Based In: Miami
When I’m Going: November
Favorite Home: The Exclusive

Punta Del Este
“I used to visit Ibiza every summer for five years. That’s where I met a friend from Brazil. I’m going to Punta Del Este to celebrate New Year’s Eve with her!”
—Farah, Sales Director
Based In: Los Angeles
When I’m Going: December
Favorite Home: Lomas de San Vincent


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