Checking In With: Eugenia Sosa in Mexico City

City Guide 9/13/2016 (RODRIGO GAYA PHOTOGRAPHY) @RGayamanIn 2015 Venezuelan-born globe-trotter Eugenia Sosa moved to Mexico City where she took a post as store director for Saint Laurent. In the time since she’s become a bit of a woman about town.

When we recently checked in with Eugenia it became clear why the bustling capital has inspired her to put down roots and made her eager to share the often-misunderstood city with visitors.  


So, why did you choose Mexico City?

“I was looking for my next move and I really wanted to come back to Latin America. Mexico City seemed like an option with a lot of opportunities. It is a city that is growing and thriving. It’s very dynamic and international — a good place to find a little bit of everything and try something new.”


What do you think is most surprising about Mexico City?

“You expect it to be big and hectic, but you don’t expect it to be as cosmopolitan and cool as it is. What I love is that the culture is very much ingrained in everything. So, there are areas where you go out and feel like you are on the Lower East Side in New York and there are areas where you go out and feel like you’re in LA. At the same time there is always a little bit of ‘Mexicanness’ in everything.”


You mention “Mexicanness”. What’s that?

Mexican culture is very important to Mexicans. Food is definitely one thing that stands out. Drinking is obviously one of them as well. There are bars that promote tequila or mezcal. There are a lot of restaurants that promote regional Mexican cuisine. Even in fashion there is a huge ‘made in Mexico’ movement with designers who not only design with inspiration from Mexican culture, but use Mexican materials.


What would you say about Mexico City to those who’ve not been?

A: For foreigners I think a really important part of the culture and the appeal of Mexico City is the hospitality here. Mexicans are great hosts, and you feel that everywhere you go. The service is amazing in restaurants and hotels; you’ll never hear a ‘no’. It’s common to have a lunch that starts at 2pm and ends after the sun goes down (Contramar is a must for this). Any Mexican you meet will always want to give you suggestions on what to see and do.

Eugenia’s Favorite…

theater: Cineteca Nacional is a venue that shows Mexican films. They show movies outside when the weather is nice.

gallery: Kurimanzutto gallery

thing to share with first timers: Escamoles. It’s like Mexican caviar. But it’s actually ant eggs, cooked in a lot of butter. With first timers I tell them to try it and not ask what it is.

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