The Best Of Buenos Aires’ Closed Door Restaurants

Looking for the authentic heart and the culinary epicenter of Latin America dining? Then, my friend, you are looking for the best of Buenos Aires‘ closed door restaurants. If you’re not familiar with the concept, closed doors, or closed-door restaurants, are restaurants placed often in chefs living rooms, creating delicious, multi-course meals in the comfort of their homes. Although it’s not a novelty, more and more of these closed restaurants have been popping up the last couple of years, giving rise to a new variety of cuisines and dining styles, while simultaneously becoming the most sought-after tables in town.

To locate these treasures you’ve got to get your ear to the ground and look through the keyholes of some of the city’s best chefs. These not-so-secret restaurants are the key to unlocking some of the best food and the most memorable dining experiences. All you need is a bit of insider knowledge (that’s what we’re here for) and a reservation. So start practicing your Puertas cerradas pronunciation and enjoy the best of Buenos Aires‘ closed door restaurants:

iLatina – Sudamericana

We could just mention iLatina is one of top 50 restaurants in Latin America and it’d be enough reason for you to go. The place created by Colombian siblings Santiago, Camilo and Laura Macías, offers a seven-course tasting menu in which you will discover different flavors and ingredients of Latin American cuisine and also find out how heaven would last if it was a food. The young staff creates a friendly environment with zero pretension and they share lots of knowledge regarding food with guests. The highest point? The wine pairings, for sure.


Is it a speakeasy? is it a safe box brand? Bajollave has the name to be both but luckily it ends up being one of the hippest closed door restaurants in Buenos Aires. The place feels so much like sitting in your friend’s really nice living room without having to eat their food you can even pronounce the name. Best recipe from bajollave? Good music, local Argentine food, great taste in fine arts and tasty drinks in a nothing less than a centenary apartment.

Casa Oro

javier-echenique-casa-oro-buenos-aires-terraza-y-dormitorio-2-echenikeDelicious dishes with a pleasant atmosphere. Located in Palermo Soho, one of the best areas in BA, Casa Oro’s offers the finest in fusion cuisine. But food is not the only thing Casa Oro nails, the atmosphere, and decor is also a big attraction which they perfectly combine with great music and a personalized service.

Casa Coupage

One of the most famous closed-door restaurants in Buenos Aires, Casa Coupage was created with the idea of offering their clients a reinterpretation of Argentine cuisine. Ingredients are selected among the best providers in the country and are all fresh and local and so are the chefs. Expect to find the finest in Argentine wine and cuisine.

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