Buenos Aires: The Best Empanadas And Where To Find Them

We scouted the best empanadas in Buenos Aires, so you don’t have to. 

Next time you’re in BA, save some time to visit these can’t-miss empanada spots. Happy eating.

El Nono Amigo Almacén


Why we love it: El Nono Amigo is a quaint deli in the land of the large and imposing restaurants of Palermo Hollywood. Here you’ll only find about two tables and some additional outdoor seating. Order and pay at the counter and attempt to patiently wait for some of the best empanadas in the city.

What to order: Along with the spicy meat, cheese, and vegetable staples – El Nono Amigo’s gems are the artichoke, eggplant and the sweet corn. All three are fantastic and go perfectly with their picadas (selection of meats and cheeses).

Where: Guatemala 5800, Palermo Hollywood

Cumen Cumen


Why we love it: It might be a controversial choice to add Cumen Cumen to the list of best empanadas in Buenos Aires because it is a little more reminiscent of a fast-food chain, but in a city where restaurants aren’t known for their consistency, Cumen Cumen is dependable.

What to order: Among some of their more creative combinations, the pumpkin and cheese empanada is a can’t-miss. An added bonus: an extensive delivery zone means you don’t even need to leave your apartment.

Where: Avenida Córdoba 2985, Barrio Norte // Av. Díaz Vélez 4615, Caballito // J.L. Borges 2055, Palermo Soho

El Sanjuanino


Why we love it: A truly authentic Buenos Aires experience, this hidden gem in Recoleta sticks to the classics. Although you won’t find super creative options like at Cumen Cumen and Nono Amigo, El Sanjuanino has perfected their ham and cheese, spicy meat, and vegetable game to near-flawlessness. Pair your empanadas with some equally impressive tamales and a penguino of Malbec (yes, that’s a penguin-shaped pitcher) and you’ll stumble (or possibly just roll) back to your apartment happy.

What to order: The succulent beef relleno

Where: Posadas 1515, Recoleta (there is also a location in Palermo)



Why we love it: (Not to be confused with Cumen Cumen) This empanada haven is nestled in Recoleta and frequented by tourists and locals alike. Despite being a pretty decent size for a Buenos Aires restaurant, this place fills up quickly for dinner so be sure to get there early. An extensive menu ranges from pizza and calzones to traditional potato dishes from Northern Argentina. Of course, it wouldn’t make the list without its fabulous (and incredibly cheap) empanadas.

What to order: Make sure to try the lomo empanada, which is chopped tenderloin, an awesome twist on the typical ground beef filled carne empanadas. If you have a sweet tooth, the sweet potato empanada won’t disappoint.

Where: Rodriguez Pena 1149, Recoleta

Miranda Parrilla


Why we love it: Unlike most of the empanadas on this list, Miranda’s empanadas are deep-fried. Deep frying empanadas is more commonly found throughout Northern Argentina and other South American countries but Miranda does it right. Crispy on the outside and packed with quality meat, spices, and onions, it all comes together in a heavenly stew-like consistency. Paired with a spicy dipping sauce, you really can’t go wrong.

What to order: Fried beef empanada

Where: Costa Rica 5602, Palermo Hollywood

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