Me, Myself & I: Travel Tips for Solo Travelers


Who says traveling all on your lonesome should boring, intimidating or lonely? Whether you’re traveling for business or for pleasure, read up on our tips for solo travelers to make the most of your personal journeys.  

| Swipe Right |


Believe it or not, there really are people who are on dating sites like Tinder to make friends, and the app’s simple design lends itself to backpackers and single travelers looking for a quick way to make a connection. But female solo travelers especially might feel skeptical of users’ ulterior motives; if that’s the case, turn instead to an app like Tourlina. On Tourlina, women can enter their itineraries and interests to find like-minded travelers and arrange a meet-up.

| Is This Seat Taken? |


Jueves a la Mesa is one of Buenos Aires’s many puerta cerradas, as there’s no shame in eating alone, but night after night it can get old. When you get tired of having your phone or latest book as a dining companion, seek out a communal table. A simple Yelp search can find restaurants in your location with communal dining tables, or you can use sites like Eat With or VoulezVousDiner to find dining companions around the world. Some cities like Buenos Aires and Paris also have a thriving community of closed-door restaurants and supper clubs. And when in doubt, just sit at the bar and chat with the staff.

| Parlez-vous Anglais? |


Try as you might to put that phrasebook to good use, the truth of the matter is you’re not going to learn a foreign language while visiting a new country for just a few days, or even a few weeks. Naturally it can be intimidating to walk into a bar and hope to strike up a conversation when you don’t speak the local tongue, so look for events specifically geared to English-speaking or multilingual groups. Try sites like Franglish in Paris, Spanglish in Buenos Aires and Languages & Friends in Barcelona.

| Dive into a Book |


You’ll never be alone with a great book in your bag, and what better time is there to dive into a massive tome like War and Peace than when you’re staring down a 10-hour plane ride by yourself? You’ll inevitably find places to buy books or magazines at the airport, but if you’re already at your destination, look for international English-language bookstores like Shakespeare & Co in Paris, Walrus Books in Buenos Aires and Saint George’s in Berlin. The other great thing about a book? They never run out of battery, and you don’t need an adapter for every country you visit to charge them.

| Throw out the Planner |


The best part of traveling alone is that you can do whatever you want. Embrace the freedom that comes with being by yourself and allow some spontaneity into your trip. Book ahead the necessities like your departure and return flights and at least initial accommodations, but leave room in your itinerary for day trips or other outings you might learn about by talking to fellow travelers. You can do all the research you want online, but you’ll learn far more about any given place just by being there and talking to the locals.

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