Savory Suds: Los Angeles’s Best Craft Beers

Wine may easily be California’s most emblematic spirit, but that hasn’t stopped LA from participating fully in America’s craft beer renaissance.

Downtown’s arts district, in particular, has seen a blossoming of craft breweries in recent years, while a new slew of pubs in San Fernando is giving Angelenos a reason to visit the Valley. Napa and Sonoma can keep the cabernet and chardonnay flowing, while LA takes care of the hoppy IPAs and crisp Belgian whites.

| Breweries |

best los angeles breweries for craft beer

Mumford Brewing the latest crop of breweries seems to be on a mission to prove that a beer spot can be just as chic and modern as any wine or cocktail bar, and newly-opened minimalist chic Mumford is no exception. The DTLA brewery serves innovative brews like the Black Mamba – an “American Black Ale” – and innovative serving techniques like the “crowler” – think a canned version of the growler.

Eagle Rock Brewery on the opposite end of the spectrum, Eagle Rock is one of LA’s longest-running breweries, with a well-loved selection of seasonal and year-round beers like the Populist IPA. And unlike many other breweries, there is an ample selection of food to satisfy any beer munchies.

El Segundo Brewing The India Pale Ale has become the most popular style of craft beer in the recent U.S. boom, usually with the hop factor dialed up to ten. El Segundo proves the IPA can be more than just bitter, with creative variations on the classic brew.

Angel City Brewery The clue’s in the name – Angel City gets its inspiration from none other than the City of Angels. Head to the Downtown brewery for beers with California flavors like avocado and sriracha.

MacLeod Ale Brewing Co Fun and sociable as MacLeod may be, the Van Nuys brewery is all seriousness when it comes to its brews. The pub serves only authentic British-style beer, so rather than high-alcohol content IPAs, expect classic porters and stouts.

| Gastropubs |

best los angeles breweries for craft beer

Unlike breweries, which make their own beer, gastropubs provide a chance to sample beers from many brewers and chow down on some satisfying grub. Venice Ale House serves some of California’s best beers all under one roof. Father’s Office in Santa Monica has a seasonal selection of over 30 beers on tap, but it’s the Office Burger that keeps customers coming back.

best los angeles breweries for craft beer

In Venice and Downtown, Wurstküche accompanies exotic German-style sausage with – what else – German beers. Naturally, massive burgers are most gastropub’s calling card, but for vegetarian and vegan options to accompany your craft beer, try Mohawk Bend in Echo Park. With 72 beers on tap, there’s sure to be something to please everyone.

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